100% USDA Organic Emergency/Storeable Food 40 Days/Nights


Certified 100% USDA Organic by Oregan Tilth, this high quality storeable food contains 40 days and nights worth of nutritionally powerful food items. These include:

Black beans:  2 lbs

Garbanzo beans: 3lbs

Pinto beans: 2 lbs

Rolled oats: 5 lbs

Green lentils: 3 lbs

QUINOA: 2 lbs

Millet: 4 lbs

Chia seed: 1/2 lb

Sprouted buckwheat: 1 lb

Brown rice: 4 lbs

Powdered milk: 1 lb

Sprout blend: 1 lb

Super green drink: 7/8 lb

Gluten free pancake mix: 1 lb

Miso powder: 1/4 lb

Spice mix: 1/16 lb

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